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Publications 2016
  1. S. Zeller, M. Kunitski, J. Voigtsberger, A. Kalinin, A. Schottelius, C. Schober, M. Waitz, H. Sann, A. Hartung, T. Bauer, M. Pitzer, F. Trinter, C. Goihl, C. Janke, M. Richter, G. Kastirke, M. Weller, A. Czasch, M. Kitzler, M. Braune, R. Grisenti, W. Schöllkopf, L. Schmidt, M. Schöffler, J. Williams, T. Jahnke, R. Dörner:
    "Imaging the He2 quantum halo state using a free electron laser";
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA, 1073 (2016), 1610688113; 5 pages.

  2. K. Doblhoff-Dier, M. Kitzler, S. Gräfe:
    "Theoretical investigation of alignment-dependent intense-field fragmentation of acetylene";
    Physical Review A, 94 (2016), 013405; 12 pages.

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  3. S. Larimian, S. Erattupuzha, C. Lemell, S. Yoshida, S. Nagele, R. Maurer, A. Baltuska, J. Burgdörfer, M. Kitzler, X. Xie:
    "Coincidence spectroscopy of high-lying Rydberg states produced in strong laser fields";
    Physical Review A, 94 (2016), 033401; 6 pages.

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  4. S. Larimian, S. Erattupuzha, E. Lötstedt, T. Szidarovszky, R. Maurer, S. Roither, M. Schöffler, D. V. Kartashov, A. Baltuska, K. Yamanouchi, M. Kitzler, X. Xie:
    "Fragmentation of long-lived hydrocarbons after strong field ionization";
    Physical Review A, 93 (2016), 053405; 8 pages.

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  5. M. Schöffler, X. Xie, P. Wustelt, M. Möller, S. Roither, D. V. Kartashov, A. Sayler, A. Baltuska, G. Paulus, M. Kitzler:
    "Laser-subcycle control of sequential double-ionization dynamics of helium";
    Physical Review A, 93 (2016), 063421; 10 pages.

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  6. P. N. Malevich, T. Kanai, H. Hoogland, R. Holzwarth, A. Baltuska, A. Pugzlys:
    "Broadband mid-infrared pulses from potassium titanyl arsenate/zinc germanium phosphate optical parametric amplifier pumped by Tm, Ho-fiber-seeded Ho:YAG chirped-pulse amplifier";
    Optics Letters, 41 (2016), 5; 930 - 933.

  7. A.V. Mitrofanov, A. Voronin, D. A. Sidorov-Biryukov, S.I. Mitryukovsky, M. Rozhko, A. Pugzlys, A. Fedotov, V. Ya. Panchenko, A. Baltuska, A.M. Zheltikov:
    "Angle-resolved multioctave supercontinua from mid-infrared laser filaments";
    Optics Letters, 41 (2016), 15; 3479 - 3482.

  8. G.Y. Fan, T. Balciunas, C. Fourcade-Dutin, S. Hässler, A. Voronin, A.M. Zheltikov, F. Gerome, F. Benabid, A. Baltuska, T. Witting:
    "X-SEA-F-SPIDER characterization of over octave spanning pulses in the infrared range";
    Optics Express, 24 (2016), 12; 12713 - 12729.

  9. E. Kaksis, G. Almási, J. A. Fülöp, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, G. Andriukaitis:
    "110-mJ 225-fs cryogenically cooled Yb:CaF2 multipass amplifier";
    Optics Express, 24 (2016), 25; 28915 - 28922.

  10. K. Michailovas, A. Baltuska, A. Pugzlys, V. Smilgevicius, A. Michailovas, A. Zaukevicius, R. Danilevicius, S. Frankinas, N. Rusteika:
    "Combined Yb/Nd driver for optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers";
    Optics Express, 24 (2016), 19; 22261 - 22271.

  11. G. Polonyi, B. Monoszlai, G. Gäumann, G. Rohwer, G. Andriukaitis, T. Balciunas, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, T. Feurer, J. Hebling, J. A. Fülöp:
    "High-energy terahertz pulses from semiconductors pumped beyond the three- photon absorption edge";
    Optics Express, 24 (2016), 21; 23872 - 23882.

  12. G.Y. Fan, T. Balciunas, T. Kanai, T. Flöry, G. Andriukaitis, B. E. Schmidt, F. Légaré, A. Baltuska:
    "Hollow-core-waveguide compression of multi-millijoule CEP-stable 3.2 μm pulses";
    Optica, 3 (2016), 12; 1308 - 1311.

  13. J. A. Fülöp, G. Polonyi, B. Monoszlai, G. Andriukaitis, T. Balciunas, A. Pugzlys, G. Arthur, A. Baltuska, J. Hebling:
    "Highly efficient scalable monolithic semiconductor terahertz pulse source";
    Optica, 3 (2016), 10; 1075 - 1078.

  14. A.V. Mitrofanov, A. Voronin, D. A. Sidorov-Biryukov, S.I. Mitryukovsky, A. Fedotov, E. Serebryannikov, D. V. Meshchankin, V. Shumakova, S. Alisauskas, A. Pugzlys, V. Ya. Panchenko, A. Baltuska, A.M. Zheltikov:
    "Subterawatt few-cycle mid-infrared pulses from a single filament";
    Optica, 3 (2016), 3; 299 - 302.

  15. R. Prevedel, A. Verhoef, A. J. Pernía-Andrade, S. Weisenburger, B. S. Huang, T. Nöbauer, A. Fernandez, J. E. Delcour, P. Golshani, A. Baltuska, A. Vaziri:
    "Fast volumetric calcium imaging across multiple cortical layers using sculpted light";
    Nature Methods, 13 (2016), 12; 1021 - 1028.

  16. K. Michishio, T. Kanai, S. Kuma, T. Azuma, K. Wada, I. Mochizuki, T. Hyodo, A. Yagishita, Y. Nagashima:
    "Observation of a shape resonance of the positronium negative ion";
    Nature Communications, 7 (2016), 11060; 1 - 5.

  17. V. Shumakova, P. N. Malevich, S. Alisauskas, A. Voronin, A.M. Zheltikov, D. Faccio, D. Kartashov, A. Baltuska, A. Pugzlys:
    "Multi-millijoule few-cycle mid-infrared pulses through nonlinear self-compression in bulk";
    Nature Communications, 7 (2016), 12877; 1 - 6.

  18. P. Stajanca, I. Bugar:
    "Nonlinear ultrafast switching based on soliton self-trapping in dual-core photonic crystal fibre";
    Laser Physics Letters, 13 (2016), 11; 1 - 8.

  19. S. Erattupuzha, S. Larimian, A. Baltuska, X. Xie, M. Kitzler:
    "Two-pulse control over double ionization pathways in CO2";
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 144 (2016), 024306; 7 pages.

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  20. X. Xie, S. Roither, D. V. Kartashov, L. Zhang, A. Baltuska, M. Kitzler:
    "Channel-resolved subcycle interferences of electron wave packets emitted from H2 in two-color laser fields";
    High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 4 (2016), e40; 7 pages.

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  21. D. Mongin, V. Shumakova, S. Alisauskas, E. Schubert, A. Pugzlys, J. Kasparian, J.-P. Wolf, A. Baltuska:
    "Conductivity and discharge guiding properties of mid‑IR laser filaments";
    Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics, 122 (2016), Article 267; 1 - 7.