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Publications 2020
  1. S. Mai, M. Menger, M. Marazzi, D. Stolba, A. Monari, L. González:
    "Competing ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer and intersystem crossing of [Re(CO)3(Dmp)(His124)(Trp122)]+ in Pseudomonas aeruginosa azurin: a nonadiabatic dynamics study";
    Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 139 (2020), 65; 1 - 13.

  2. A. Koulouklidis, V. Fedorov, C. Gollner, V. Shumakova, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, S. Tzortakis:
    "Free space broadband intense THz sources and applications";
    Proceedings of SPIE, 11390 (2020), 11390; 1 - 16.

  3. S. Larimian, S. Erattupuzha, A. Baltuska, M. Kitzler, X. Xie:
    "Frustrated double ionization of argon atoms in strong laser field";
    Physical Review Research, 2 (2020), 013021; 5 pages.

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  4. V. Hanus, S.S. Kangaparambil, S. Larimian, M. Dorner-Kirchner, X. Xie, M. Schöffler, G. Paulus, A. Baltuska, A. Staudte, M. Kitzler:
    "Experimental Separation of Subcycle Ionization Bursts in Strong-Field Double Ionization of H2";
    Physical Review Letters, 124 (2020), 103201; 6 pages.

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  5. S.S. Kangaparambil, V. Hanus, M. Dorner-Kirchner, P. He, S. Larimian, G. Paulus, A. Baltuska, X. Xie, K. Yamanouchi, F. He, E. Lötstedt, M. Kitzler:
    "Generalized Phase Sensitivity of Directional Bond Breaking in the Laser-Molecule Interaction";
    Physical Review Letters, 125 (2020), 023202; 6 pages.

  6. Y. Wang, X.Y. Lai, S. G. Yu, R. Sun, X. Liu, M. Dorner-Kirchner, S. Erattupuzha, S. Larimian, M. Koch, V. Hanus, S.S. Kangaparambil, G. Paulus, A. Baltuska, X. Xie, M. Kitzler:
    "Laser-Induced Electron Transfer in the Dissociative Multiple Ionization of Argon Dimers";
    Physical Review Letters, 125 (2020), 063202; 6 pages.

  7. V. Cardin, T. Balciunas, K. Légaré, A. Baltuska, H. Ibrahim, E. Jal, B. Vodungbo, N. Jaouen, C. Varin, J. Lüning, F. Légaré:
    "Wavelength scaling of ultrafast demagnetization in Co/Pt multilayers";
    Physical Review B, 101 (2020), 5; 1 - 6.

  8. V. Hanus, S.S. Kangaparambil, S. Larimian, M. Dorner-Kirchner, X. Xie, A. Baltuska, M. Kitzler:
    "Exploring photoelectron angular distributions emitted from molecular dimers by two delayed intense laser pulses";
    Physical Review A, 102 (2020), 053115; 9 pages.

  9. G.Y. Fan, R. Safaei, O. Kwon, V. Schuster, K. Légaré, P. Lassonde, A. Ehteshami, L. Arias, A. Laramée, J. Beaudoin-Bertrand, J. Limpert, Z. Tao, M. Spanner, B. E. Schmidt, H. Ibrahim, A. Baltuska, F. Légaré:
    "High energy redshifted and enhanced spectral broadening by molecular alignment";
    Optics Letters, 45 (2020), 11; 3013 - 3016.

  10. A. Deutschmann, T. Flöry, K. Schrom, V. Stummer, A. Baltuska, A. Kugi:
    "Bifurcation suppression in regenerative amplifiers by active feedback methods";
    Optics Express, 28 (2020), 2; 1722 - 1737.

  11. O. Kwon, R. Safaei, P. Lassonde, G.Y. Fan, A. Baltuska, B. E. Schmidt, H. Ibrahim, F. Légaré:
    "Raman effect in the spectral broadening of ultrashort laser pulses in saturated versus unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules";
    Optics Express, 28 (2020), 2; 980 - 990.

  12. M. Longobucco, I. Astrauskas, A. Pugzlys, D. Pysz, F. Uherek, A. Baltuska, R. Buczynski, I. Bugar:
    "Broadband self-switching of femtosecond pulses in highly nonlinear high index contrast dual-core fibre";
    Optics Communications, 472 (2020), 126043; 1 - 7.

  13. I. Astrauskas, B. Povazay, A. Baltuska, A. Pugzlys:
    "Influence of 2.09-μm pulse duration on through-silicon laser ablation of thin metal coatings";
    Optics and Laser Technology, 133 (2020), 106535; 1 - 6.

  14. P.A. Carpeggiani, G. Coccia, E. Kaksis, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, R. Piccoli, Y.-G. Jeong, A. Rovere, R. Morandotti, L. Razzari, B. E. Schmidt, A. Voronin, A.M. Zheltikov:
    "Extreme Raman red shift: ultrafast multimode nonlinear space-time dynamics, pulse compression, and broadly tunable frequency conversion";
    Optica, 7 (2020), 10; 1349 - 1354.

  15. V. Stummer, T. Flöry, G. Krizsán, G. Polonyi, E. Kaksis, A. Pugzlys, J. Hebling, J. A. Fülöp, A. Baltuska:
    "Programmable generation of terahertz bursts in chirped-pulse laser amplification";
    Optica, 7 (2020), 12; 1758 - 1763.

  16. A. Koulouklidis, C. Gollner, V. Shumakova, V. Fedorov, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, S. Tzortakis:
    "Observation of extremely efficient terahertz generation from mid-infrared two-color laser filaments";
    Nature Communications, 11 (2020), 292; 1 - 8.

  17. R. Hollinger, P. Herrmann, V. Korolev, M. Zapf, V. Shumakova, R. Röder, I. Uschmann, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, M. Zürch, C. Ronning, C. Spielmann, D. Kartashov:
    "Polarization Dependent Excitation and High Harmonic Generation from Intense Mid-IR Laser Pulses in ZnO";
    Nanomaterials, 11 (2020), 1; 1 - 10.

  18. R. Richter, N. Tolstik, S. Rigaud, P. Dalla Valle, A. Erbe, P. Ebbinghaus, I. Astrauskas, V. L. Kalashnikov, E. Sorokin, I. T. Sorokina:
    "Sub-surface modifications in silicon with ultra-short pulsed lasers above 2 μm";
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 37 (2020), 9; 2543 - 2556.

  19. P. Heim, S. Mai, B. Thaler, S. Cesnik, D. Avagliano, D. Bella-Velidou, W. Ernst, L. González, M. Koch:
    "Revealing Ultrafast Population Transfer between Nearly Degenerate Electronic States";
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11 (2020), 1443 - 1449.

  20. C. Heshmatpour, P. N. Malevich, F. Plasser, M. Menger, C. Lambert, F. Sanda, J. Hauer:
    "Annihilation Dynamics of Molecular Excitons Measured at a Single Perturbative Excitation Energy";
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11 (2020), 18; 7776 - 7781.

  21. A. Fernandez, A. Straw, M. Distel, R. A. Leitgeb, A. Baltuska, A. Verhoef:
    "Dynamic real-time subtraction of stray-light and background for multiphoton imaging";
    Biomedical Optics Express, 12 (2020), 1; 288 - 302.

  22. S. Mai, L. González:
    "Molecular Photochemistry: Recent Developments in Theory";
    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 59 (2020), 2 - 17.