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Markus Zeiler

formerly Kitzler-Zeiler

Career history

since May 2012 Senior Scientist, Photonics Institute, TU Wien
May 2006-April 2012 University Assistant, Photonics Institute, TU Wien
Sept. 2004-Apr. 2006 Post-Doctoral Researcher, Photonics Institute, TU Wien
Nov. 2003-Aug. 2004 Software Designer, Product Responsible Person, TTTech Computertechnik AG, Vienna
June 2002-Aug. 2003 Research Assistant, Physics Department, University of Ottawa, Canada
Oct. 2000-May 2002 Research Assistant, Photonics Institute, TU Wien



May 2019 Venia Docendi (Habilitation degree), TU Wien

Oct. 2003

Doctoral degree, TU Wien


PhD studies: Ultrafast electron dynamics in laser-driven atoms and molecules.
Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Brabec
TU Wien and University of Ottawa, Canada

Oct. 2000

Masters degree in Electrical Engineering
TU Wien


Diploma work: Shielding currents and fields in thin-film superconductors during magnetic levitation.
TU Wien


Study of Electrical Engineering
Specialization in Control Techniques and Biomedical Engineering
TU Wien


Technical High School (HTL)
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
St. Pölten, Austria


Scientific Publications

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Selected Grants

5 Principal investigator
Research project "Intense Tunable Narrowband THz Sources"
granted by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 2022 – 2025.

Principal investigator
Research project "Exploring laser-pulse-induced molecular bond-forming reactions"
granted by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 2016 – 2020.


Principal investigator
Research project “Momentum mapping of multi-electron strong-field ionization dynamics with fully controlled light wave forms”
granted by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 2010-2014.


Co-Project Leader
Innovative project "Quantum dynamics in molecules subject to intense laser fields"
granted by TU Wien, 2011-2013.


Co-Project Leader
International project “Investigation of Ultrafast Hydrogen Migration by Carrier-Envelope Phase-Locked Pulses”
granted by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 2009-2011.


Last update Aug. 2022

Investigation of strong laser field-induced fragmentation dynamics of hydrocarbon molecules using coincidence momentum imaging